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Investment in foreign real estate is the current trend because of its safety, stability and high profitability. For Vietnamese families who are planning to live abroad or sending their children to study abroad, owning a home will be a solid foundation to help create and improve the quality of life in a new country. Besides, the real estate trading in developed countries like the US and Australia always attracts international investors thanks to the transparent legal system and quick procedures with many supportive policies.

Interhome was established with the goal of being a reliable bridge for customers who want to invest or own foreign properties. Interhome is committed to bringing sustainable values, harmonizing benefits for all parties, accompanying customers throughout the spirit of transparency and commitment. With the goal of always putting customer benefits first, Interhome focuses on finding potential real estate projects, prime location, high profitability for investors. At the same time, we ensure the safety criteria for customers who want to immigrate.


Interhome is a professional and experienced realtor foreign markets. Our team is comprised of market-savvy professionals, collaborating with the world's leading reputable real estate developers to provide comprehensive real estate services to support customers throughout, and to comfort the transactions as well as the management and operation. With professional capacity, broad knowledge of the market and prestigious strategic partners.

We expect customers to achieve the best profit when investing in foreign real estate, and at the same time get a career development and a fulfilling life. We build a closed value chain from investment consultancy, international real estate business, financial consultancy to real estate management and operation services to meet each customer demands. Interhome is confident to become a comprehensive real estate investment consultancy brand which is trusted and chosen by customers, especially in real estates in the US and Australia markets.

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