Đồng hành xuyên suốt lợi ích bền vững


Interhome offers investment opportunities, immigration and brings practical benefits to customers in international real estate business. Moreover, Interhome brings sustainable values ​​to stakeholders and customers.


Passion in work helps to promote the attitude. Interhome can quickly understand each customer, partner and even employee.


With the expertise and deep analysis of the international real estate market, Interhome team is keen to grasp market trends, bringing practical benefits to customers.


At Interhome, all transactions are always transparent, clearly showed to partners and customers from the beginning. This is one of the factors that builds a solid trust for customers.


The foundation for the sustainable development of Interhome is credibility. To create a reputable business is a long process as we always learn thoroughly and deliver the commitments with customers and partners.


Interhome has always kept professionalism in business and relationships, which gains trust of investors and partners.

Giá trị cốt lõi CORE VALUES

Interhome is always trying to perfect all aspects to create a business with its own identity, taking CREDIBILITY as a foundation for sustainable development. We always keep the PROFESSIONALISM, ATTITUDE and understand insight's customers, partners and staffs. We have strong market ACUMEN to bring practical benefits to customers and deliver TRANSPARENCY in all transactions to build a solid bridge for Vietnamese people to feel secure in investing and settling in new country.
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