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We always strive every day to develop products, services, people and seize opportunities to advance to new markets.

US Real Estate

United State of America has always been the destination of millions of people with the desire of investment and immigration because of the stable economy and the quality of life which is always at the top rank of the world. Vietnam currently holds the 6th position among the top 10 countries with citizens to buy houses in the US.
Interhome consults on investment in real estate projects in 50 US states. We offer diversification of projects from home models, to fully equipped house, fullfilling investment and settement of Vietnamese investors.

AUS Real Estate

Australia is a peaceful and stable country. It has the world class social security policy and a stable growth economy. Thanks to its outstanding advantages, real estates market in Australia has become choosen place to invest and to live for many people from all over the world. It is also a solid "fulcrum" for investors wishing to expand their business in this continent. Interhome introduces carefully selected, safe projects that bring high profitability at reasonable prices for Vietnamese investors.
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