Interhome’s Chairman visits Lennar Real Estate Project

With the motto “Every product which is delivered to customers is the proof of our dedication and effort in the improvement of the service” – Mr. Chris Dang often visits Lennar’s projects to choose the suitable projects for Vietnamese customers.
Mr. Chris Dang – Chairman of Intergroup, is now living in California, USA. He is the one who directly choose quality projects which bring high profitability with affordable price to Vietnamese investors. Moreover, he is responsible for developing the relationship with Lennar – the biggest home builder in the USA from Interimm to Interhome.
Interhome’s chairman - Mr. Chris Dang (first person in the right) with Lennar team
In the past June, Interhome’s chairman had a business trip to visit Lennar projects at Florida and Texas, US. “Tampa city, Florida and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas are two areas that are highly rated as  it meets almost the desires of Vietnamese investors” – Chris Dang said.
1. Prime location

Location is the main factor of a good project. Projects that is chosen by Interhome are always located at the developing country with lots of potential. 
In Florida, Fern Hill, Triple Creek and Touchstone are projects located at Tampa city – top 2 among the best cities for real estate investment. It takes only 15 minutes from the downtown, 30 minutes from the most beautiful beach in the USA – Clearwater (according to Tripadvisor) and it’s easy to go to the other utilities and entertainment areas such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers…
The potential city - Tampa city, Florida state
According to and Money Magazine Ranking, Frisco city, Texas is “Best place to live in the USA - 2018”. It takes 25 minutes to drive to Dallas city via Dallas North Tollway, the residents in Frisco Springs have a peaceful life but not separate from the bustle.
Dallas North Tollway connects Dallas city and Frisco City, Texas
2. Suitable for Vietnamese life style

Beside the prime location, projects have to suitable for the demand and life style of Vietnamese people, especially weather. Located in the subtropical climate, Texas and Florida is have temperature ranging from 12 to 35 Celsius degrees. With the climate not too harsh, Vietnamese people can be assured to invest, even settle down here.

In addition, just behind California, these two states own many Vietnamese communities such as St.Petersburg, Arlington, Garland, Richardson so Vietnamese language is very popular in these areas.
St. Petersburg City – a place in Florida with high Vietnamese population
3. Reasonable price and high profitability
Projects in Tampa, Florida of Lennar & Interhome have a starting price of VND 5 billion or VND 7 billion for projects in Frisco, Texas, Vietnamese investors can easily choose a project that fits your budget.

On the other hand, according to the report of Zillow Real Estate Group, the house value increase rate in 2018 of Florida and Texas is 6.8% and 8.9%, respectively. With these impressive growth numbers, early investment will bring "bargains" to investors.
Luxurious, modern design of villas in Frisco Springs community, Texas
4.  Diverse internal utilities

Located in the perfect community areas, residents of Lennar's projects enjoy a comfortable life with a full range of modern interior facilities such as a resort-style pool, a safe playground for children, green walkways inside the center, the central house for community activities ...
Fern Hill's resort-style pool is located in Tampa city, Florida
The harmonization of these factors is the reason why Interhome’s President – Mr. Chris Dang decided to choose Lennar's villa projects in Tampa, Florida and Frisco, Texas. With this enthusiasm, Interhome is confident to become a US real estate investment consulting brand trusted and chosen by customers.
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