Tips for landscaping your new home

Depending on the specifics of your community, your Lennar home came with extensive landscaping, minimal landscaping, or something in between. Some people love gardening and decide to do their own landscaping, while others prefer to hire a professional landscaping company.

Tips for landscaping your new home

1. Start with exposed areas

If you have minimal landscaping, you should landscape the exposed area soon to prevent excessive erosion from occurring.

2. Delay major project for the first year

Keep in mind that major landscaping projects should be put off for the first year, as most ground settlement will occur during this time.

3. Do your research

Whether you're doing it yourself, or hiring a professional,  make sure to do your research or check with an expert to find out what type of landscaping is most suitable for your home before you start a project. This can help ensure that the proper drainage is maintained and that the overall effect of your landscaping is just what you were hoping for.

Depending on the specifics of your community

4. Consider your timing and resources

It’s also important to consider your own schedule and resources to ensure that you are able to maintain your lawn and plants properly for the long term.

5. HOA review

Many communities have a Homeowner’s Association or an architectural review committee that must approve changes. If you live in one of these communities, make sure you submit your plans early on, so they can be reviewed and any revisions can be made well in advance of your planned start date.

6. Check with local utilities

Before you start digging, always check with your local utility companies to have buried gas, water, electrical and telephone lines on your property located to prevent unnecessary damage or accidents from occurring. Even a small nick in a cable can cause problems later on.


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