"Interhome provides comprehensive real estate investment solutions, from surveys and investment advice to complete purchase process and after sales support services, to help customers operate their business and continue growing profits from the selected real estate projects.

The US real estate market has always had a great attraction for the sensitive and trend catching investors and then earning huge profits. According to Fortune (New York), US house prices increased by an average of 6.3%, Sealttle and San Francisco rose the most, respectively 12.7% and 9.3% in 2017. For the Australia market, the growth rate is not inferior when house prices increase by an average of 7-10% per year. The report of Urban Development Institute Australia (UDIA) in 2018 shows that the average price of a 400m² plot of land in Melbourne's neighborhood increased by 29%, the average price per lot at Melton or East Melton increased by nearly 50%. The US and Australia respectively hold the first two positions among the countries with the highest annual immigrant population in the world, explaining why the demand for housing in these countries continues to rise. This is an opportunity for investors to quickly operate and trade real estate, especially in the US and Australia markets. These stability places in economic growth will help investors easily to find more investment opportunities with high profitability.

In addition to the need to buy and own, renting houses is also a flexible form, suitable for the ability of cost, interests and lifestyle of many people. This contributes to the diversification of investment operation and real estate business for investors who are looking for opportunities. To optimize the quality service, Interhome provides management and operation services, which helps investors be assured of expanding their US and Australia real estate business although they're living in Vietnam.

With the target of maximizing business operation, Interhome supports the search for leasing, rental management, real estate resale consultancy to increase profitability... complete purchase and sale to support after sales services, help customers operate business continueously to increase profitability from the selected real estate projects.

Nowadays, investors could save time when Interhome has support services such as house management, maintenance and repair, periodic cleaning or select interior design company...".

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Support customers to buy home insurance  
Manage home quality following the
1-2-10 year home warranty
  Manage and exploit property for leasing and business



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Mr. Steve Le


"To easily connect transactions between customers and foreign projects, Interhome provides legal services to help Vietnamese people approach conveniently and quickly in the US and Australia real estate. Interhome helps investors manage and operate properties to maximize the profit of each project.

With the business philosophy "Companion throughout, sustainable benefits", Interhome offers investment opportunities, immigration and pratical benefits in the operation of real estate with sustainable values for the related parties."

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