Are you orienting your child to study in the US or Australia?
Is your child studying abroad and needs convenient accommodation close to the school?
Do you want to give your child the best start in life instead of having to rent a house or living at an acquaintance's home?
Interhome and you bring the best things for your children
The US and Australia are always listed among the countries that lead the world in higher education. In particular, the United States is the leading country with more than 28,000 international students (US Department of Homeland Security - SEVIS), ranked second with Australia with more than 23,000 international students (Australian Ministry of Education & Training). Besides choosing a suitable school, a comfortable and convenient place to move is what families care about when they study abroad in these countries. In addition to school dormitories, living with relatives or renting houses, the purchase of houses for children is now being chosen by many families because of its social, economical and practical benefits.

Modern education of the US and Australia meets both the goals of quality of learning as well as the leading to a future career. There are many parents who do not hesitate to invest in studying abroad to bring a good future for their children. Next, the purchase of a home for studying abroad, will help parents as well as children, rest assured about the place and dedicated to learning. For some parents, their children's careers are well prepared from the beginning. When completing their children's education they can freely choose to continue settle or stay working for a while and not to worry about finding a property. This is also a solid asset for the future which can save a lifetime of waisted rental costs.

Understanding the concerns of parents when having children studying in the US and Australia, Interhome always advises carefully and offers projects that are suitable for their children's learning and future development. Not only being convenient for living environment, children's houses are also close to public utilities such as entertainment areas, commercial centers, parks and libraries. These are all foundations for the children to play both physically and mentally. Parents will be assured of the decision to invest in buying a home for their overseas student and be confident to accompany with Interhome to bring sustainable values.
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To easily connect transactions between customers and foreign projects, Interhome provides legal services to help Vietnamese people approach conveniently and quickly in the US and Australia real estate. Interhome helps investors manage and operate properties to maximize the profit of each project.
With the business philosophy Companion throughout, sustainable benefits, Interhome offers investment opportunities, immigration and pratical benefits in the operation of real estate with sustainable values for the related parties.
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