Are you preparing to settle down and looking for accommodation for the whole family?
Have you felt inconvenienced because you must rent a house or stay with a relative with a lack of privacy?
Are you looking for an ideal home to settle down, develop your career and life in a new country?
Interhome provides the solution to your needs
Migration is still a hot trend and there is no sign of this cooling down. As an expert in immigration, Interimm - a multidisciplinary investment group with Interhome, only with EB5 investor immigration program, Vietnam is a holding country the 2nd in the world in terms of the number of people participating in this program for 4 consecutive years 2015-2018 (According to the American Investment Association - IIUSA). Besides, there are many other popular forms of American settlement such as reunification guarantee, employment, marriage...

Meanwhile, according to AfrAsia Bank's report, only in 2018 there were 12,000 millionaires migrating to Australia - the highest in the world. Australia has reached a world record when its economy has never fallen into recession during the past 28 years, and is considered one of the fastest growing markets in the world in the past 20 years. It is the most attractive destination for super rich people in terms of lifestyle, safety and climate.

Owning a green card is only the first step in the goal of settling the whole family, coming to the house is the first issue that has been concerned after settling down. A comfortable home at a reasonable price is extremely important when starting to live in a whole new country, which is the foundation for building a life of "Settle down and thrive" and this needs to be done sooner, especially during the settlement period. When you have a stable place to live, this will bring more values to your life and your whole family, help the whole family focus on developing yourself completely.

Interhome will help Vietnamese families to fulfill their goal of settling down and owning houses quickly in the promised land. Along with real estate expertise and a direct survey, the Interhome team will provide the best housing choices and meet your needs. Not only detailed advice, Interhome also carefully selected the projects before the introduction so that your home ownership is a right investment decision. Your children are focused on learning and developing their abilities on the world's most advanced education. Parents continue to operate in Vietnam and expand their business in the US and Australia. Also, this is the opportunities to enjoy high quality living environment, perfect comfort and future development for the whole family.
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Mr. Minh Le


"Investing in project always requires careful preparation of finance, when setting up a good financial plan from the beginning will help customers manage costs, as well as achieve the desired profit in the future. With professional experience in analyzing, financial consulting, Interhome team will help customers quickly choose the best project with reasonable cost, maximize the profit."
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