Are you looking for an investment in a foreign real estate market, a sector with a historically steady and lucrative rates of return?
Do you want to diversify your portfolio and exploit the foreign real estate market alongside the growing Vietnamese real estate sector?
Do you need to invest in the real estate projects at a reasonable cost with good potential for capital appreciation?
Interhome brings the most ideal choice to you
The US and Australia respectively hold the top of two positions among the countries with the highest net immigration each year, which is why the demand for housing in these countries is constantly increasing; along with an opening, fast and transparent legal policy. Foreigners are entitled to easily acquire permanent real estate ownership which helps the US and Australian real estate market and have always been great attraction for the early investors. The US real estate market attracts foreign investors because of the variety of houses, quality and the protection of real estate buyers as well as the permanent ownership. The potential US real estate market for Vietnamese investors, especially Lennar Group's projects, has been presented in more than 21 US states. As an official representative of Lennar Group in Vietnam, Interhome brings a variety of home types from apartments to detached houses to suit your budget and goals for long-term profitability.

At the same time, Australia, a country that tops the league of quality of life, promises to bring many benefits to Vietnamese investors. With a high property price growth rate, Australia was chosen as the fulcrum of our business operations. In Australia, you can find a diverse range of property types with a broad spectrum of prices. By following the trends of Australian real estate investment, Interhome carefully selected each project to bring high value returns for Vietnamese investors. Interhome builds bridges between investors and each cooperation project with leading corporations and project developers in the US and Australia. Interhome always brings sustainable benefits to Vietnamese investors with our diversified portfolio of projects in the US and Australia.
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Mr. Minh Le


"Investing in project always requires careful preparation of finance, when setting up a good financial plan from the beginning will help customers manage costs, as well as achieve the desired profit in the future. With professional experience in analyzing, financial consulting, Interhome team will help customers quickly choose the best project with reasonable cost, maximize the profit."
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