"Interhome consults, prepares financial plan for investors. In addition to identifying a potential project and the amount of investment, each investor should seek financial advice. Each country has different tax laws and financial requirements, investors will not be able to know and fully understand. Therefore, to ensure the project is successful, investors should accompany a professional consulting agent, with expertise in foreign financial consultancy, especially the US and Australia.

In order to quickly resolve tax and law barriers in the US and Australia when owning real estate, Interhome will advise, prepare plan for declaration and necessary financial items for investors. Besides, Interhome will also consult and guide the real estate loan, legal procedures related to third parties such as asset management, lawyers, CPA, tax declaration, insurances ... help investors easily implement real estate ownership in the US and Australia."

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Make and consult the financial plan for the real estate investment   Maximize services following the require and budget of investors   All of the legal procedures is realized quickly and safely

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Mr. Minh Le


"Investing in project always requires careful preparation of finance, when setting up a good financial plan from the beginning will help customers manage costs, as well as achieve the desired profit in the future. With professional experience in analyzing, financial consulting, Interhome team will help customers quickly choose the best project with reasonable cost, maximize the profit."
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