With professional experiences and understanding of the US real estate market, Interhome advises to help customers choose to invest and own potentially profitable real estate projects. Based on the specific needs of each customer, Interhome will advise community projects that not only the beautiful location, modern infrastructure but also increasing profitability after ownership.

Interhome provides a full of consulting services from the starting of selecting the project, guiding the tour of real estate projects at the states of US and Australia and completing the paperwork. Interhome are diverse projects in the US and Australia, such as townhouses, single villas, luxury apartments ... bringing many suitable options for customers.

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Full package of real estate investment consultation until closing   Organize tours to visit projects in the United States and Australia   Experience model homes with virtual reality technology (VR) in Vietnam





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Mr. Chris Dang


"Investing in project always requires careful preparation of finance, when setting up a good financial plan from the beginning will help customers manage costs, as well as achieve the desired profit in the future. With professional experience in analyzing, financial consulting, Interhome team will help customers quickly choose the best project with reasonable cost, maximize the profit."
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