• Edgestone is located in the city of Frisco and subordinate to the urban complex of Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas.
  • The city of Frisco was voted The best real estate market and The best place to live in USA (According to Forbes and Money Magazine).
  • Being a key economic area because of providing 80,000 - 120,000 jobs in the next two years.
  • Edgestone includes Lakesides and Baysides Communities.
  • Unit price is from $469,000 to $569,000. (Price may vary depending on the time)

Located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Edgestone is an ideal location for living and profitable investment.

  • Only 15 minutes to the downtown of the city of Dallas
  • Only 25 minutes to DFW and Love Field Airport
  • Conveniently move to famous entertainment centers such as Thanksgiving Square, Dallas Zoo, Globe Life Park in Arlington
  • Relax with Texas Motor Speedway
  • Breathe in the fresh air with Latina Cultural Centre, White Rock Lake, The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
  • Nearby University of North Texas - one of the best universities in US
  • Approach the historical and technological knowledge at Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Amenity System

Surrounding Edgestone is modern facilities and amenities


Fitness Center

Swimming pool


Walking road

DFW International Airport

Texas Motor Speedway




Interhome is the official representative of Lennar Corporation in Vietnam.

- Lennar is the largest real estate corporation in the U.S.
- Established in 1954 and listed on the stock exchanged of New York in 1972 (NYSE: LEN).
- Company’s capital worth 18,745 billion dollars, revenue earned 22,3 billion dollars in 2019.
- Provide homebuilding projects in more than 21 states & 78 major cities in the United States.
- Worldwide buyers which are from 102 nations, built & developed over 1.300 residential projects, over 1.000.000 houses are built.
- All service activities of Lennar are always committed to quality, value & integrity.

Lot Map


Model Home

Belton II

  • Acreage:2058 sq.ft ( 190 m2 )
  • Stories:1
  • Bathrooms:3
  • Bedrooms:2
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 469,999

Medina II

  • Acreage:2167 sq.ft ( 201 m2 )
  • Stories:1
  • Bathrooms:4
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 479,999

Fairfield II

  • Acreage:2457 sq.ft ( 228 m2 )
  • Stories:1
  • Bathrooms:3
  • Bedrooms:2
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 479,999

Granbury II

  • Acreage:2697 sq.ft ( 250 m2 )
  • Stories:1
  • Bathrooms:4
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 509,999

Livingstone II

  • Acreage:2804 sq.ft ( 260 m2 )
  • Stories:2
  • Bathrooms:4
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 529,999

Somerville II

  • Acreage:3004 sq.ft ( 279 m2 )
  • Stories:2
  • Bathrooms:4
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 539,999

Bryson II

  • Acreage:3004 sq.ft ( 307 m2 )
  • Stories:2
  • Bathrooms:5
  • Bedrooms:4
  • Garage's Capacity :2
  • Price:$ 544,999


  • Acreage:3490 sq.ft ( 320 m2 )
  • Stories:2
  • Bathrooms:4
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Garage's Capacity :1
  • Price:$ 554,999

Texas, USA

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, located in the middle south region of the United States and has many different large and small cities, the most prominent of which is the city of Houston.

In terms of transportation, Texas completely impressed with the United States's largest road and rail system, and Texas owned 730 airports and more than 1,150 ports across the state. With great advantages, Texas is known as Paradise of immigrants.

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Type: Multi-family
Frisco City, Texas, USA
Price: $348,990 ~ $359,990


Type: Single family
Frisco City, Texas, USA
Price: $396,990 ~ $593,999

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