Florida is located in the southeastern of United States. Florida borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Guft of Mexico to the west, bordering Georgia and Alabama states to the north and west, at the end adjacent to Alabama. The state is also located close to Caribbean countries, which is the Bahamas and Cuba. This is a low mountainous area, stretching with immense swamps, vast forests and a large number of lakes.

3 major cities in Florida are Orlando, Tampa and Miami. In particular, Tampa is located in the western of Florida, on a peaceful Gulf of Mexico and was rated by Forbes magazine as one of the five cities with the best outdoor life in the world.



Florida's humidity is considered one of the most precious resources. This has attracted many tourists and immigrants who want to enjoy the sunlight and warmth year-round, especially in the winter. In winter, southern Florida is one of the warmest places in the United States. The average temperature here ranges from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius in Miami and other coastal areas.


Florida's economy impresses with the advantages of tourism development. The warm weather is year-round and hundreds of miles of coastline provide excellent resorts for travelers from all over the world. Southern Florida is one of the best known destinations, such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. The world-famous theme park near Orlando, which surrounds Walt Disney World annually attracts more than 40 million visitors. The tourism industry also promoted the development of the state's construction industry as hotels, motels, and restaurants to serve tourists. Other important industries include fruit juice production and mining industry.

Is the fourth highest GDP in the US with the key industry is tourism and agriculture.

Life of Vietnamese people in Florida

Thanks to the tropical weather, hot and humid year-round, Vietnamese people have concentrated to live quite a lot here. Vietnamese people live on agriculture and personal care services like nails care. Vietnamese nails service is very popular and it is a job that they can quickly earn income after a vocational training course.

Florida is currently the second in the United States in terms of the number of Vietnamese specialists as well as the number of Vietnamese-owned nail care facilities. Currently, Vietnamese-Americans currently is accounted for 62% of the 1,868 registered nail salons in Florida.

Projects of Florida Projects of Florida


Type: Single family
Tampa City, Florida, USA
Price: $216,240 ~ $299,990


Type: Single family
Tampa City, Florida, USA
Price: $294,990 ~ $739,990


Type: Single family
Tampa City, Florida, USA
Price: $201,490 ~ $289,990


Type: Single family
Tampa City, Florida, USA
Price: $234,490 ~ $375,490

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Interhome’s Chairman visits Lennar Real Estate Project

With the motto “Every product which is delivered to customers is the proof of our dedication and effort in the improvement of the service” – Mr. Chris Dang often visits Lennar’s projects to choose the suitable projects for Vietnamese customers.



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